Virtual Vienna

Vienna is a very nice Town, with lot of very nice buildings and places, but most of the jewels, like in all other cities, are hidden to tourists. In Vienna you can choose the common way ,where you never be alone and only see what you aways see on postcards, or you can choose a mixture of nice little jewels and the places you "have to" see if you stay in vienna. I especially like the small little inner courts which varies very much, but even for me it is sometimes hard to find them again ;) but then i find another jewel, smaller, wilder or even unreal!


The story behind the panoramatour

It was a very nice day, sunny and not to hot, so i take the camera(nikonCP990) and my Tripod and walk around. This should only be a test for Ptools but i thought that you may enjoy this images if you never were in Vienna.

Now you can hera Vienna

On the red tour you will not only see vienna, you also can hear the sound of the location!!! We are still testing our hardware and i'm sure that the sound you hear will impress you , but it's "only" a not tweaked 128kbit mp3. Our microphones are special selected highend microphones, which covers the full soundrange. You best listen to the mp3's with headphones, but even on speakers they sound great! ..and the best of all; there is enough space to improove the sound by using special amps which gives the sound much more space.

Vienna map

Cafe Central Palais Kinsky Black hinten Leopold museum Muqua Innenhof Muqua Eingang Kunst und Naturhistorisches Museum ... Mariatheresia statue Parlament eingang Parlament volksgarten eingang Volksgarten Tempel Minoritenkirche Palais Harrach Schottenbastie Rathaus/Burgtheater Schottentor Uni Wien altes Kino Vor Cafe Kitsch Judenplatz Maria am gestade Vor cafe Oskar Börse Stephansdom Stephansdom Mittelschiff Stefansdom innen innenhof Mozarthaus kleiner innenhof ..and yes, it looks like workinprogress, but it isn't since we only have uploaded what we have...there is no project!
...this is not the complete truth, because there is a little private project about HDR images. These High Dynamic Range Images can be found on the "red" tour.

It's Fall now in Vienna and i hope we can take some other panoramas.... Want to know which weather in vienna we have ? This is a panorama from 18.Oktober 2001.

Any Feedback or ideas (what about a webring) is welcome!!!


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