Sponza Atrium

The original File was modeled by Marko in Lightwave. GET IT HERE (this is with the original maps)


I converted the mesh with 3d explorer and the materials with cinema4d and have cleaned it in viz3.

I have to convert the imagenames to 8.3 since cinema doesn't understand the long filenames. ..don't care the materials are ready for you with all settings and maptypes(includes bump)


sad to be said:
We expect that you name Marko Dabrovic as copyrightholder of the original model on your images if you use it for your own portfolio. ...for most of us this is usual and done without this small note, but there are still some out who think they can forget who have modeled it and from where they get the file. THX!


MAX : This is a max3 file and includes layer for viz3!

3ds : Exported from viz3

dxf : Exported from viz3.

obj : Exported from lightwave ..hope this works better now.

dwg : Exported from viz3.

vrml97 : Exported from viz3.

mega pov : exported file from 3DWin ,you only need to convert all the JPG-maps from the website into TGA. converted by Stefan Boeykens

Rhino : Modeled by Jorge Angles.


MAPS : all needed maps


if you got any errors please contact Christian Bauer


copyright: Marko Dabrovic / cgtechniques.com 2002

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