On this page you will find many Images from the same scene rendered by different renderer and different Artists.

If you have contributed images to any of the competitions then please send christian your images!
We want to collect the images and store them on this server!

At the moment there are two scene in the Database:
SIBENIK Cathedral, which has at the moment more than 200 entries and was added on December 2001.
SPONZA Atrium, which has started on 1. February 2002 and again have about 200 entries.
POSTSPARKASSE, which was started on 1. August.2002
Blochi's HDRi scene, which just has started on 16. June.2003

The scenes were modeled by Marko Dabrovic(Sibenik and Sponza) , Christian Bloch (Blochis hdri scene) and Christian Bauer (Postsparkasse)

any questions:christian