Sibenik cathedral:

The Sibenik cathedral is a project by Marko Dabrovic form www.RNA.HR .
It's very rich modeled but isn't completly finished yet... there are some holes in the mesh which only hurts if you look at them.

Marko have modeled it for Lightwave: Have a look at his result

Be fair and submit an image if you have render one for your portfolio and please place a link to the competitionpage from your gallery if you place the rendered image there... i just found some brazil renderings on the web, which would be worth to submit here.


LWO/LWS.. The original! : This is the source of all other files, originaly modeled by Marko Dabrovic with Lightwave 6+, Scenefile and maps included.

MAX : Converted from Lightwave6 file

3ds : Exported from max4.

LP : Exported from MAX


MAPS : all needed original maps


This competition becomes more and more a global place:

SIT-Files for Mac : Alexander Nguyen was so kind to store most of the files in a macfriendly way as .SIT-archives, for our friends on a designercomputer.


Files by user (Mail me if you want to share your file with the community):

Blender : converted by Joseph Winston IV -- no maps included

Realimation : converted by Asim Harbas from LS-Vrml to Realimation RT enviroment



copyright: Marko Dabrovic